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Carly has a wealth of experience both on and off the screen presenting on Nightline, Sunrise and 3News and more recently known for her role as a host presenter of TV3’s flagship consumer affairs programme Target...
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  • Another smoothie favourite

    To be honest, I reckon the most successful smoothies are the ones you happen upon, or try to make up with what you have available to you rather than following a strict recipe - I have one every day fo...
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  • Homemade Easter Chocolate

    I love Easter - four days of family time, a spot of gardening and a fair share of chocolate! This year we're having the annual easter bunny hunt with the local preschoolers at our place, so they'll be...
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  • A Mother's work truly is never done!

    I wish I could remember who, but someone wise once told me an old saying, “A mother's work is never done.” It brushed over me as a passing comment at the time, but has become one of those things th...
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  • Simple Bathroom DIY

    My mother is a wise lady, and more often than not – she’s right. She once quietly told me after a failed painting attempt, that was hot on the heels of a sloping deck attempt and a DIY wallpapering ...
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  • Cook the Books!

    I’ve been so privileged to work on a brand new NZ show called Cook the Books, it starts tonight on Choice TV at 830pm and runs for 8 weeks.
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  • Adrenal Fatigue - The 21st Century Stress Syndrome

    I had a bit of a lightbulb moment this week.. Eco Store run a series of events for journalists around toxins, good health, nutrition, and lifestyle every month and I'm lucky enough to attend them to s...
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We are bombarded with advertising and products at every opportunity, and it’s not easy making the right decision when we’re time poor, stressed and swayed by gorgeous packaging and price. Here, I’ll aim to give you my recommendations which have been scrutinized by me, so you know your choice is the best one for you and your family too.

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Interior design has always been a passion of mine...
So I am beyond excited and very proud to launch my new
range of designer kitchen stools
  • Classic Range - The Bob

  • Classic Range - The Nan

  • Limited Edition Collection The Stag

  • Limited Edition Collection The Shel

  • Limited Edition Collection The Susie

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