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Garden to Plate

Garden to Plate

Carly Flynn
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A strange thing has happened at our place lately. Our fridge is empty. My grocery bill has dropped, and my kids are eating vegetables like they're candy I knew having a garden would be useful, but not this life changing. My garden is surprising me every day!


I can't remember the last time I bought a vegetable. We're not going to be there fruit wise for months, if not years, but there's certainly no lack of green for the daily feeding of our family of four.


From this:


To this!


With my trusty Kenwood at hand, I can whip up a salad to rival anyone on a Sunday, and pull it out for any occasion for a couple of days. Simply top it up, and it's the perpetual salad that just keeps on giving! The cucumber you see is preserved in apple cider vinegar, turmeric, and cumin seeds - Yum!


This picture of my Garden salad this week, is ALL from the garden.. Even the corn. So it's cost me just a tiny bit of salt and oil, plus the plants to start with. But they've well given back the original outlay. Love it - fresh (and free!) is best.


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