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Getting my washing on - and loving it again! (And why there are no more lost socks!)

Getting my washing on - and loving it again! (And why there are no more lost socks!)

Carly Flynn
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I used to love doing the washing; taking barely dirty clothes, laundering them, hanging them outside in the fresh sunshine and then folding them neatly. I used to like to organise them with military precision in the right drawers.


When I had my first baby my wise Mum used to say “as long as you’ve got the washing on, and you've thought about what you’re going to have for dinner”, then that’s a good day. But that’s possibly when my love affair with washing ended. With kids. When child number two came along the sheer mountain of washing got on top of me.


Then school and kindy started and the real dirt began. These days I can easily do a couple of loads a day. With another one waiting. Most frustratingly, the machine will just get to its rinse cycle before I spot the dirty undies (the kids – not mine!) tucked under the bed or the sneaky left sock that’s mate is nearly done.


Gah! It came to fever pitch recently when my husband, (who knows better to complain about his washing), casually mentioned his clothes just weren’t that clean and how could we do things better?


I grabbed the chance and decided that a new washing machine was in order. An upgrade from our pre-kids 5kg model wasn’t cutting the mustard.


I’ve always wanted a front loading washing machine, they’re more water efficient (they don’t have to fill up so much and are quicker to dry); more economic (they have their own heater rather than drawing from your main supply); and they’re space savers in the laundry because you don’t need room above to lift the lid.


But I’ve always been put off by the fact that of you want to add in the afore mentioned item found the second I’ve popped a load on, it would have to wait. The lock on that front-loading door snaps shut quicker than you can say 'sneaky socks' and then you’re in for a long wait before the next load can be put on.


Which is why Samsung’s new Addwash machine is simply genius. It has all the functions and economies of a front loader, but it has a sneaky slot on the front door and the ‘Add door’, which can be opened mid cycle to put those stray items in. I know – it’s the little things right?



In my first week of owning it, I can’t tell you how many times I walked out of the laundry only to find just one more piece to throw in. And then the pure joy felt as I could smugly do exactly that.


There’s even an ‘active kids’ cycle, which targets stubborn stains like soil, grass, fruit juice etc. The unique Bubble Wash feature means the detergent is pre-mixed with water and a shot of air before entering into the drum, leaving no nasty white traces of powder on the clothes (great for skin sensitivities), and for inquisitive little fingers the door cannot be opened when the water is above 50deg (just in case!)


It also holds a whooping 11kg – which for me equated to washing all of our bedding in ONE load! So I’m saving time, water, power and our clothes are all cleaner. I think I’m back to loving my washing again!


#NeverMissASock @Samsungnz

Thanks to for making this post possible, and for helping me get my Washing Mojo back :)

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