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Woop! Dinner’s done.

Woop! Dinner’s done.

Carly Flynn
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Where have the last 10 weeks gone?? Wee Freddie is not so wee anymore - he’s a chubby, happy, chuckling baby who is giving the family lots of lovely smiles and love. We adore him! But after hibernating for the first few weeks and lovely people stocking up the freezer, we’re well and truly now on our own and the first thing that started to go pear shaped was what I was eating! 


This baby is hungry and it’s all too easy to grab the wrong kind of food, let alone when it comes to dinner with all the kids around and a hungry husband - I’ve often been caught eating what the kids do or whipping up a simple poached egg on toast to give me the calories and fuel I need to feed both me and Fred.


The haze is slowly lifting as I’m getting a bit more sleep, and I can now contemplate cooking decent food again - almost!


Which is why we decided to try Woop! (World on our Plate) for a change. 


This food delivery service prides itself on delivering ingredients and recipes for healthy, flavourful meals that we can create at home in record time. 


Each week the Woop team deliver ingredients and recipes for 3 meals, (enough for four people, or two adults and two little people,) inspired from diverse locations.


They work directly with growers to provide seasonal, fresh and local ingredients and source free range and organic where possible.


I like the idea of it being just the 3 nights, they’re kind of like our “treat nights” where I look forward to dinner time! Knowing I can whip something up for my husband and I within 15 minutes after all three kids are down is amazing. All of the accompanying sauces are “Handmade by Zoe” which I think is just a lovely touch!


Some of the dishes we LOVED were…


Chicken Laska with Vermicelli noodles, boiled egg and Asian greens


This was just so tasty and not something I have in my recipe repertoire.. I made it for just Dave & I but was so delighted when Jude, our 5 year old fussy eater, gobbled up most of mine! The kid that only likes cut veges!!!! No left overs!


Roast Pork & Apple Sauce with a medley of Veges

All the taste and nostalgia of a Roast without the time and energy required to make! The pork sirloin steaks were delicious and I loved the ‘Handmade by Zoe’ Gravy and apple sauce accompaniments


Sirloin Steak with Caprese salad, red spuds and balsamic Glaze

My parents came up for Mothers Day weekend and on Friday afternoon as I was contemplating feeding them takeaways, I remembered the Woop dish tucked in the fridge.. so was able to surprise them with a restaurant quality meal, all while juggling three kids at the end of a busy week! It was delicious and looked great too!


Our Woop experience has been delicious, easy and best of all nutritious!





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