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Juicing for Good Health

Juicing for Good Health

Carly Flynn
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Not all Juices are created equal!


A few years ago, I was pretty unwell; exhausted, generally unhealthy and no energy for anything other than my daily work and chores. Every time I stopped, I’d inevitably get sick.


Then I met an incredible woman, who introduced me to juicing, and I very quickly learned that not all juices or juicers are the same. One of my biggest contributors to the fatigue and overall poor health (apart from doing shift work hours!), was the amount of sugar I was eating, not just the obvious processed stuff like chocolate/muffins etc., but I’ve always been a huge fruit eater and therefore fruit-juicer.


It never occurred to me that juicing deliciously sweet red apples and oranges were doing nothing more than elevating my natural sugar levels, and I’d still get that same post sugar crash you get after you’ve eaten a bar of chocolate.


I soon learned the secret to “good juicing”, juice that alkaline your stomach acids and aids your digestion, not flood it – i.e. less sugar, more green. And doing it SLOWLY. A slow cold-pressed juicer like the Oscar ensures the best natural flavours and high nutritional values are maintained.


It also extracts the fibre (to give your body a break now and again), which can be used later in baking or sprinkling into salads.


Basically, I started with a pretty good base juice – beetroot, green apple, ginger and carrot. Initially it tasted pretty average, and I have to say the beetroot took some adjustment. But after juicing for a couple of days (breakfast) I felt lighter (not necessarily in a weight sense), less sluggish, and definitely more energized. I seemed to have less cravings too.


I also noticed it didn’t taste as bad and have since gone on to “green-up” my juices, putting everything from the vegetable garden in, stalks and all.


We’re told to get 6-8 servings of fruit and veg a day – but come on – who actually does that? That’s two servings at each of your 3 main meals. It’s easy to achieve though if you add a decent juice into your day.


So now we juice at least once a day – It’s part of the morning routine for the kids - we pick our greens straight from the garden and put them (washed) into the juicer. Everything from the broccoli stalks to parsley to whole the beetroot leaves. I hope I’m teaching them a thing or two about good health and making better choices. For now, this is the only type of “juice” they know.


Hey – don’t get me wrong – I like a glass of wine, and a daily coffee, and ahem, a piece of chocolate (or three) – but everything in moderation. I figure I’ve earned it – if I’ve already got my servings of green in to keep things ticking along nicely.


For more on the benefits of juicing – have a look here!


Happy juicing everyone!


A GOOD juice to start your day 

2 x green apples

3 x carrots

1cm piece of ginger

1 x beetroot  & leaves (or a handful of baby beets)


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