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They're listening!

They're listening!

Carly Flynn
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We are definitely living in a more health-conscious world – we can’t escape it. Our social feeds are full of more nutritious recipe ideas and products that claim better nutritional benefits. It’s aspirational and inspirational, and the call from consumers to get back to basics is growing louder every day.


I personally am in the midst of my own Health and well-being journey, having been doing media stories and changing my lifestyle for more than a decade, we’re currently filming a brand new TV show, The Healthy Food Guide, with definitive, real answers on topics like Good Fat, Having a Healthy Gut Diabetes, and finding Work life Balance.


I love sharing stories, about brands also wanting to do better in this realm, and this month, Meadow Fresh firmly put themselves in the spotlight. They’re listening to us. This month they’ve launched their brand new less-processed milk, across their entire range. They’re getting back to basics, and trying to give us milk like our grandparents drank, in 2016.



I recently hand milked a cow for a story, and it got me thinking about where our milk, typically packaged and processed in a little white bottle really comes from. And while I didn’t want to drink it from Priscilla, the Clevedon Cow, It’s not too far from the milk now being sold by Meadow Fresh.


To make it less processed, they’ve taken out the step of adding permeate (which is a natural and safe part of the milk), this has been the general practice that standardises the protein in milk year round. As our cows fluctuate, so too does the milk taste and makeup. Meadow Fresh’s new range of milk will reflect the seasonal variations. Milk without permeate has naturally high levels of protein and is calcium rich.


Our dude Jude loves his milk!


In fact, it’s punching above it’s weight when it comes to protein, it has 25% more protein on average than the minimum standard required! I’m always looking for ways to increase the protein in my families diet, so this is a no brainer. We like the taste too – it’s great for fluffy’s and coffee with a silky consistency, and what’s more, it’s refreshing to have a kiwi company listen to consumers. And despite the lengths they’ve gone to to make this milk taste and perform better, it costs the same. Cheers Meadow Fresh, it’s great to be heard.

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