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How to get your home sparkling - the only...

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Believe the hype. And I don’t say this lightly. The new Dyson V8 is everything it professes to be, and some.


I’ve never been a great dog lover, I don’t mind them when they belong to other people, but i've never actually wanted to own one myself. 

That’s until I had children, who made mess, under the kitchen bench no less than 6 times a day! 



The best things in life are Free!

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I love a bargain. It gives me a little buzz every time I walk away from purchasing something, feeling like I’ve got good value for money.


For me it’s not just about saving cash, (or being measly with money!) more it feels like a small victory, a small win when you get a discount or added value to a purchase you are making regardless, be it a new appliance, pet food, a hair cut, the weekly shop or even at the petrol pump.