How to get your home sparkling - the only...

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Believe the hype. And I don’t say this lightly. The new Dyson V8 is everything it professes to be, and some.


I’ve never been a great dog lover, I don’t mind them when they belong to other people, but i've never actually wanted to own one myself. 

That’s until I had children, who made mess, under the kitchen bench no less than 6 times a day! 



Safety in the Water

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Not learning to swim as a kid was never an option for me. Growing up in a household that lived close to the biggest lake in the southern hemisphere, it was inevitable we had to learn to swim, or sink.

The Changing Face of Childhood

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As I sit down to write this on my laptop my lovely husband has taken our two little people to the park to give them some fresh air, and me some space to work. It's a cold wet day, they’re rugged up, and I can almost hear their squeals of delight on the swing from here. Thankfully, even though there has been some encouragement from me on the more difficult days, they’re just not really that interested in technology as yet. I suspect this disinterest will be short-lived.