How to get your home sparkling - the only Vacuum you'll ever need!

How to get your home sparkling - the only Vacuum you'll ever need!

Carly Flynn

Believe the hype. And I don’t say this lightly. The new Dyson V8 is everything it professes to be, and more.


I’ve never been a great dog lover, I don’t mind them when they belong to other people, but I've never actually wanted to own one myself. 


That is until I had children, who make mess, under the kitchen bench no less than 6 times a day! 


I would look at friends with dogs and consider just for a moment, what it must be like to not have to bother with pulling out the old, cumbersome vacuum or brush and shovel after every mealtime, because their dog just casually wandered past and licked it all up.


Wise friends advised me years ago when I was searching for a new vacuum that I should get a Dyson, a ‘vacuum for life’. 


They’d owned theirs for years, had no issues and was well worth the investment they'd said. I didn’t listen - a big mistake.


Since then we’ve purchased 3 other vacuums, each one taking up a heap of space and dying a fairly quick death.


But now I have the V8 I'll never go back.  It’s far superior to anything I’ve owned before and way more powerful than the household vacuum, which I suspect will now end up in this years inorganic kerbside collection.


The fact it attaches (and charges) to the wall in a convenient place is a big plus. 


With a newborn, I don’t have my hands free at the moment, so can quickly whip it out one handed and scoot around the kitchen, holding the baby in the other (conveniently this doubles as great white noise time for him :)).


It quickly and easily switches from stick to hand held mode, with multiple attachments tucked away in a nearby drawer. We even found ourselves this month actually using it on the car, rather than heading to the service station for the monthly clean, saving time and money.


I’ve been wondering how I’m going to clean out the grooves along the bottom of the ranch slider for about two years. The V8 did it in 2 seconds.


It’s cordless, and hassle free, and gets into all those hard to reach places. Plus I love the fact the head swivels seamlessly in between my kitchen stools and other furniture.


So now, I don’t need a dog, and it takes me about 30 seconds to tidy up after each mealtime. And I do so with a smile! And hey, if you do have a pet, I’m told on good authority the pet hair function is outstanding!



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