Renovation & DIY

The Nesting Instinct

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Don’t mess with a pregnant woman who wants to get things done. There should almost be a disclaimer of pregnancy before speaking with a tradie/retailer that in cases of extreme mood swings, mind changes and irrational deadlines, blame the bump!

Simple Bathroom DIY

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My mother is a wise lady, and more often than not – she’s right. She once quietly told me after a failed painting attempt, that was hot on the heels of a sloping deck attempt and a DIY wallpapering attempt, that sometimes, with some jobs, it’s just best to call in the experts.

Move or Improve?

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It’s hard to find the perfect home. Whether you’re in Auckland or Akaroa, Edgecombe or Ellerslie, in this market we all know the complications, expense and stress the purchase of a new home can bring.