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Glamping - Bethells Style

Glamping - Bethells Style

Carly Flynn
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As you may or may not be aware, I'm a camper from way back.. my parents had us in bassinets in tents right from babies, and my husband and I have carried on the tradition - just not yet with the kids. We get enough sleep-less nights without throwing in sunrises and campground noise to wake the kids, but Glamping is a whole different way of camping, and one that ensures an excellent night's rest!


I almost don't want to share this with you - for fear of it becoming too popular and, selfishly, meaning we won't get to visit again when we want. But the set up at Wainamu Luxury Tents is too good not to shout about.


Being a small town girl, I often find it's hard to get the balance between living a fast paced city life, and wanting my kids to see a slower paced one, like the one I had growing up in Taupo and the Cook Islands. 


As two self employed parents, we're always chasing the next job and checking our phones/emails constantly for potential work. So checking out of life for 24 hours was an incredible privilege, and one we hope to repeat many many times again!


Jim & Anna Saunders set up the Glamping site, luxury camping, generously sharing their piece of west coast paradise. There are just two secluded sites - based on a safari/marae aesthetic, with two rooms, and... wait for it, proper beds, beautiful linen & >. You can practically turn up with just your toothbrush and a change of clothes, with fresh & local produce food hampers available on request. 


Breakfast is provided, for you to cook on either the fire or in the outdoor kitchen; a stunning selection of fresh eggs, bread, yoghurt, homemade muesli and all the condiments required to cook outdoors. The best thing is, there's no cell phone coverage. Which meant for the time we were there, we TRULY focussed on the kids, and being present in the beautiful natural surrounds. 


We hunted for sticks for the toasted marshmallows, sat in the outdoor bath for hours, swam in the nearby lake, climbed the sand dunes, talked and laughed around the campfire, pointed out the stars way past everyone's normal city bedtime, and best of all, listened to the birds and wildlife around us. To get to our secluded site, Jim had to take us in on a safari truck, a total highlight for the kids, who didn't want to get off.


Hands down, this has been one of our best family experiences ever - and one we hope to repeat over and over again. Total bush & camping bliss.Thanks Jim & Anna, you've reminded us how life can be, if you just take the time to check out 

Carly xx

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