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Waitomo Caves - Magic

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We live in paradise. There’s no doubt about it. We just need to remember it. As self-employed parents, my husband and I always seem to put work first, but we made a pact this year to embrace school holidays, to switch off and explore with our wee family. Get off the beaten track and show them stuff that we remember from our childhood. And it’s paying off.

Rarotonga - the Little Island with a Big heart.

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The more often I visit the Cook Island capital of Rarotonga, the more it occurs to me this is an island not to be taken lightly, or lazily. Forget any romantic notion of turning up and staying at a resort, cocktail in hand, poolside for a week without moving, you will not see the real Rarotonga, much less get the best from it. Island time is still just that in Rarotonga, but this tiny island of just 32 kilometres packs a big punch, and is more accessible, more manageable and more enjoyable than it’s ever been. To my mind, this is an island that has grown up more in the last three years than in the previous 25 since my first visit, which coincided with Cook Island tourism truly beginning.

Kiwi Camping - Caravan Style

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I have a bit of a confession to make. While many of you were no doubt slogging it out in the office nine to five this past week, it was finally the Flynn family turn to have some fun in the sun. We packed our car to the absolute limit – luggage for two adults, two toddlers and all the necessary stuff that goes with leaving the family home for the week. . Buggies and bikes, books and beverages, and set off for the beautiful, picturesque, and always sunny Bay of Plenty.